Promotion to Module 3

Learning Goals

Promoted students will demonstrate proficiency in the material outlined in the Module 2 Learning Goals


  • Weeks 1 - 2 Solo Project
  • Week 3 Paired Project
  • Weeks 4 - 5 Group Project
  • Week 6 Final Solo Project

All projects are graded. Students must earn a passing score on either the Paired or Group projects, and must pass the Week 6 Final Solo Project in order to be promoted to Module 3.

Final Technical Assessment

In Week 6, students will complete the Final Technical Assessment. If a student does not receive a passing grade on the this assessment, they will participate in the Final Retake Assessment. Students must pass either the final assessment or the retake to be promoted.

Additional information on assessments can be found here.

Professional Development

In order to show readiness for Module 3, students are required to attend and engage in all Professional Development sessions in Module 2. They are required to setup and have at least one coffee chat with an industry professional and update their LinkedIn based on learnings in Mod 2 - both will be evident in Final Portfolio Presentation.


Students will complete a portfolio, and participate in a portfolio review. Instructions for the portfolio can be found here.

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