Module 2 Assessments

Independent Assessments

Students will complete the Mid Mod, Final, and Final Retake (if necessary) as independent assessments. Students will have 3 hours to complete and submit the assignment. Additional instructions can be found in the README of this repo.

Independent Assessment Rubric

Independent Assessments will be graded using the following rubric. A passing assessment will receive a score of at least “Meets Expectations” in all rubric categories.

  Completion MVC ActiveRecord TDD
Exceptional All user stories and at least one extension complete Student strictly adheres to MVC principles. Highly effective and efficient use of ActiveRecord beyond what was taught in class Tests cover all functionality including extensions and at least one edge case
Meets Expectations All user stories complete Student adheres to the principles of MVC. Student may have one MVC infraction. Students use ActiveRecord Associations and built-in ActiveRecord methods wherever possible. Tests fully cover the functionality in the user stories
Approaching Expectations All but one user story complete Student does not adhere to the principles of MVC, demonstrated by 2 or 3 infractions Student uses ActiveRecord to CRUD resources. Student uses ActiveRecord associations, but may have one instance where they fail to do so when appropriate. Student uses built-in ActiveRecord methods to process data, but may have one instance where they use Ruby instead Tests partially cover the functionality in the user stories
Below Expectations More than one user story incomplete More than 3 infractions of MVC principles Student is unable to CRUD resources using ActiveRecord, or student may fail to use ActiveRecord over Ruby on several occasions, or student may fail to use ActiveRecord associations on several occasions Tests do not cover the functionality in the user stories, or one or more stories is untested

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