Promotion to Module 2

Learning Goals

Promoted students will demonstrate proficiency in the material outlined in the Module 1 Learning Goals.


  • Week 1 (independent): War or Peace (evaluated, but does not count toward promotion)
  • Week 2 - 3 (paired): Battleship (either the paired or group project must earn a passing grade)
  • Week 4 - 5 (group): Futbol (either the paired or group project must earn a passing grade)
  • Week 6 (independent): Night Writer (must earn a passing grade)


In week 6, students will complete two assessments:

  1. Paired Assessment
  2. Independent Assessment

In order to be promoted to Mod2, the average score of these two assessments must be passing.

Students can reference the Module 1 Syllabus for more details on these assessments. Students can reference the Practice Assessments page for example assessments.

Professional Development

Promoted students will have successfully completed the Module 1 Professional Development Curriculum. This includes attending all sessions, making up any missed sessions, and completing all PD deliverables.


Students will complete a Portfolio, and participate in a Portfolio Review. Instructions for the Portfolio can be found here

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