Promotion to Module 2

Learning Goals

Promoted students will demonstrate proficiency in the material outlined in the Module 1 Learning Goals.


You will complete four projects throughout Module 1, each of which will be assessed according to a rubric. A passing project will “Meet Expectations” (per the rubric) for most categories. You must submit every project to be eligible for promotion.

  • Week 1-2: Solo Project #1
    • The Solo Project is evaluated, but does not count toward promotion
  • Week 2-3: Solo Project #2
  • Week 3-4: Paired Project
    • You must pass EITHER the Paired Project OR Solo Project #2
  • Week 5-6: Group Project
    • You must pass the Final Project
    • No rubric category can score Below Expectations

Assessments and Independent Challenges

You will complete two assessments and three weekly Independent Challenges in Module 1, each of which will be assesed on a scale of Below Expectations, Approaching Expectations, Meets Expectations, and Exceeds Expectations. Meets Expectations is considered a passing score.


  1. Mid Module Assessment (aka “Mid Mod”)
    • The Mid Mod is evaluated, but does not count toward promotion
  2. Final Independent Challenge (aka “Final IC”, Week 6) In order to be promoted to Module 2:
    • You must earn a Meets Expectations on the Week 6 Final IC to be promoted to Module 2. Students who do not will be offered a re-take.

Independent Challenges

  1. Weekly Independent Challenges (ICs)
    • Weeks 2, 4, 5 (aka “Week 2 IC”, “Week 4 IC”, etc.)
    • The weekly IC’s are evaluated, but do not count toward promotion. They are practice for the final Week 6 IC.

Students can reference the Module 1 Syllabus and Module 1 Schedule for more details on these assessments. Students can reference the Practice Assessments page for example assessments.

Professional Development

Promoted students will have attended and actively engaged in all PD sessions. They will present a polished and well thought-out answer to “Tell me about yourself”, something that instruction and feedback will be given on during the live sessions.


Students will complete a Portfolio, and participate in a Portfolio Review. Instructions for the Portfolio can be found here.

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