Pull Request Template Info

How to create a PR Template for a GitHub Repo

Example PR Template

____ Wrote Tests ____ Implemented ____ Reviewed

Neccesary checkmarks:

    [] All Tests are Passing

    [] The code will run locally

Type of change

    [] New feature
    [] Bug Fix


    description closes #

Check the correct boxes

    [] This broke nothing
    [] This broke some stuff
    [] This broke everything

Testing Changes

    [] No Tests have been changed
    [] Some Tests have been changed
    [] All of the Tests have been changed(Please describe what in the world happened)


    [] My code has no unused/commented out code
    [] I have reviewed my code
    [] I have commented my code, particularly in hard-to-understand areas
    [] I have fully tested my code

(For Fun!)Please Include a link to a gif of your feelings about this branch


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