Module 3 Final Project & Portfolio Presentation


  • Acknowledging Progress: This is an opportunity to acknowledge the progress that has been achieved over the course of the mod. The final project should demonstrate your understanding of the learning goals and how to implement them.
  • Interview Prep: The presentation of the project and the portfolio both provide students the opportunity to practice speaking technically about code implementation and decisions and work on professional storytelling.
  • Direct Feedback: Instructors will be able to provide direct feedback for the technical and professional presentations respectively. Students will be better prepared for an interview.

Final Project

  • Student directed presentation (15-20 minutes)
  • Instructor questions and prodding throughout
  • Please see the presentation points listed in the rubric of your assigned final project.

Portfolio Presentation

  • Student directed presentation (5-7 minutes)
  • Instructor feedback (3-5 minutes)

Each student will deliver a 5-7 minute slide presentation in front of an instructor. The presentation consists of a professional presentation that is a reflection on your growth throughout the mod. If you are repeating the module, see the instructions below for repeaters.

Slides can include images and graphics to illustrate the concepts you plan to discuss. These may include screenshots/animated gifs of an application you created, snippets of code from your projects, diagrams of interesting concepts/structures that you used in your project(s). Please do not just copy the questions onto the slide with bullet point answers.

Professional Presentation Expectations

The professional presentation should follow a narrative format and address the following points:

  • Professional development:
    • Give us your elevator pitch! “So, tell me about yourself…”
    • How has your Job Shadow experience changed/informed your idea of what a developer is & does?
    • What industries/positions are you interested in pursuing? Has this changed over the last few innings?
  • Feedback:
    • What is something you’ve learned about yourself through giving/receiving project feedback?
    • What has been the most valuable piece of feedback you have received?
  • Technical Achievements:
    • Briefly describe the main technical progress you’ve made this inning. What’s the most interesting experience or topic you learned?
    • Have you discovered anything new about the way you learn?

Requirements if you will Repeat the Module

  • A student who will repeat the current module uses their presentation time to explore the following.

    • What lessons did you learn?
    • What will be different next time?
    • Why did you struggle?
    • How has feedback impacted your development in this module?
      • How has feedback conversations with peers helped prepare you for your job/career?
      • What is something you’ve learned about yourself in receiving project feedback?
      • What has been the most valuable piece of feedback you have received?
      • What specific actions are you planning on taking after receiving the feedback from this inning?


  • Students are not required to submit any documents but instead should be prepared to give their presentation to their instructors and engage in a follow-up conversation.

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