Module 3 - Extensions

Students who feel they are grasping the content of the module quickly, and applying it well, are encouraged to dive deeper into the following technical topics or ideas. Talk to an instructor about your interests and be open-minded about the suitability of these tasks:

  • Implement Code Climate in a project (free account for open-source GitHub repos)
  • Implement Rubocop for strong Ruby code styling
  • Learn how to use fetch in JavaScript to call an endpoint of your application to fetch some JSON data, and successfully parse it. Don’t forget testing!
  • Consider implementing has_secure_token to an existing project to generate API keys
  • Read about the OWASP Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities list and consider how you might protect against these (and examine which of them are already done for you in Rails)
  • Use the Brakeman gem to see which vulnerabilities exist in your application, and how you can fix/patch them.
  • Examine how Caching is built into Rails, and implement Redis instead

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