Running Rails in Local Production Environment

Below are instructions for how to get started running a Rails 5.2 application in a local production environment.

Start in the Rails application directory

  • Make sure all necessary gems are installed
    bundle install
  • Set up the production database
    RAILS_ENV=production rake db:{create,migrate,seed}
  • Make some changes to the production configuration
# within app/config/envrionments/production.rb

# change the below line to be commented out
config.public_file_server.enabled = ENV['RAILS_SERVE_STATIC_FILES'].present?

# change to equal true
config.assets.compile = false
  • Precompile the assets
    RAILS_ENV=production rails assets:precompile
  • Start the server for the production environment
    RAILS_ENV=production rails s
  • Navigate to your app in the browser to see how it looks

Important to Remember

  • If you are making changes to your assets and want to see those updates you will need to do the following:
    • Stop the server
    • Run rails assets:clobber This will remove the assets in the public folder
    • Run rails assets:precompile This will create new assets with the changes
    • Start the server
  • Once you are finished running you application in your local production environment
    • Run rails assets:clobber
    • Undo the changes made in the app/config/envrionments/production.rb
    • This will help to ensure that there isn’t any issues with your assets when you deploy to Heroku.

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