M2 Portfolio Requirements


  • Acknowledging Progress: portfolios give students the opportunity to understand their own progress in pursuit of their career as a software developer.
  • Practicing Narrative: portfolio presentation pushes students to articulate their narrative of their technical and professional journey.
  • Direct Feedback: portfolio feedback allows students to receive a summative perspective of their performance, including threads of successes and areas of growth.


  • Student-directed presentation (5 minutes)
  • Instructor feedback (5 minutes)


Each student will deliver a 5 minute slide presentation in front of your instructors.

Answer the following questions in your presentation:

  • What has been some of the most powerful feedback you have received this inning?
  • What skills, talents, or perspectives do you bring to a team?
  • What factors determined the success and quality of your pair and group projects?
  • What was your experience like with networking this inning? Who did you reach out to, and what insights did you glean? How have these conversations shaped your strategy going forward?

If you are repeating the module, please answer this additional question:

  • What was most challenging this inning? How do you plan to tackle this during your repeat?

If you are moving on to Module 3, please answer this additional question:

  • Reflecting on your career journal from the module, what is your current vision for your career in the software industry? How has this vision changed since you started at Turing? (Reminder: it’s very okay for this vision to shift a lot while you’re at Turing, and to keep shifting afterward too!).

The presentation should not be a series of slides that directly answers each of these questions with bullet points, but instead should:

  • Follow a narrative format – this is an opportunity to fine tune your story and how you speak about your work. Slides/visuals should flow naturally from one to the next.
  • If you’d rather skip slides, you’re welcome to do so. Regardless of whether you use slides as a visual, your presentation should follow a logical structure and answer all of the relevant questions.


  • Students are not required to submit any documents but instead should be prepared to give their presentation to their instructors and engage in a follow up conversation.

Potential Outcomes

  • If everything goes to plan: good luck in next mod!
  • If a student fails to present a portfolio (due to illness, etc): need to present it in Week 1 of the next inning
  • If a student delivers an exceptionally poor portfolio: we’ll determine next steps, possible PIP, etc

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