Black Thursday

Black Thursday

A business is only as smart as its data. Let’s build a system to manage our data and execute business intelligence queries against the data from a typical e-commerce business.

Project Overview

Learning Goals

  • Use tests to drive both the design and implementation of code
  • Decompose a large application into components
  • Design a solution that is functional, readable, maintainable, and testable
  • Learn an agile approach to building software

Key Concepts

From a technical perspective, this project will emphasize:

  • File I/O
  • Database Operations (CRUD)
  • Encapsulating Responsibilities
  • Light data / analytics

Getting Started

  1. One team member forks the repository here and adds the other(s) as collaborators.
  2. Everyone on the team clones the repository
  3. Setup SimpleCov to monitor test coverage along the way
  4. Setup Hound CI

Spec Harness

This project will be assessed with the help of a spec harness. A spec harness is a working test suite that helps to assess the requirements of a project, but does not include any application logic of its own. Note: the spec harness is not a replacement for your own test suite; you are still required to use TDD to complete your application.

The spec harness file includes instructions for setup and usage.

Project Iterations and Base Expectations

Because the requirements for this project are lengthy and complex, we’ve broken them into Iterations in their own files. Your project must implement iterations 0 through 4. Iteration 5 is the Undiscovered Country.

Evaluation Rubric

Your project will be assessed using this rubric.

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